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As a normal part of living and being human, we experience feelings of unease, discomfort and sadness from time to time. It's when these feelings become persistent and affect the quality of our lives that we notice and become curious about them.

 People often seek help when experiencing:

  • Anxiousness or persistent worry

  • Depression/sadness

  • Self-doubt, guilt and self-criticism

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Health related issues

  • Difficulties at work

  • Inability to form or sustain relationships

  • Destructive patterns of relating to self and others

  • Detachment from relationships

  • Feelings of stuckness in life situations 

  • A general sense of emptiness

It's often easier to avoid thinking about difficult feelings, emotions and life situations. Not thinking about them may provide some relief in the short term however these feelings are likely to keep comming up at different points in our lives till they are understood and processed.

 Counselling provides a safe space to do so at a pace that feels comfortable for you.​

Individual and Couples/Family Counselling

Individual Counselling

Most of one's thinking and behavior is learned, automatic and rooted in early life experiences. Sometimes these habitual patterns of thinking and behaving are no longer helpful as adults. Counselling provides the space to reflect on them and in the process facilitates greater self awareness. With this comes the ability to respond more creatively to relationships and life situations rather than lapsing into default modes of thinking and responding.

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Couples/Family Counselling

Couples tend to seek help when they feel trapped in a way of relating that is not conducive to harmony and growth. Inability to communicate or not feeling heard often lies at the heart of discontentment and conflict.

These sessions provide an opportunity to 'really' listen and communicate with your partner while at the same time being able to express your own needs. Together, we will try and understand patterns of relating that are detrimental to the relationship and those that are supportive.


Preeti Marwaha

I am a trained Psychodynamic Counsellor and registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) offering counselling to Individuals and couples seeking help with their emotional and relational difficulties.

Training: Highgate Counselling Centre

               Institute of Family Therapy

I am passionate about providing an environment in which difficult thoughts and feelings can be explored with compassion and kindness. 

I would be very interested  to hear from you and explore the possibility of working together.

Session and Costs

 I offer a 15 minute initial consultation over Zoom to understand what brings you to counselling, answer your queries and explore the possibility of us working together. Please email or message me if you would like to arrange an initial consultation.

All sessions are for a duration of 50 minutes. 



£90/session for couples/family sessions

I also offer some reduced fees online sessions , please get in touch to discuss this further.

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Phone: 07791858456

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“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”

Eckhart Tolle

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